Western Forest Ch1

The Western Forest (西の森; Western Forest) is located outside of Pallet Town, and only appears in the manga. It is here that Red and Green first encounter one another. It is also where the Phantom Pokémon, Mew makes its debut.

Overview Edit

Hearing of a Phantom Pokémon from mysterious men in black, Red heads to the location in an attempt to capture the Pokémon before anyone else. Once there, he spots Green fighting with a glowing Pokémon. Green quickly calls back his Pokémon, prompting an angry Red to attack the glowing Pokémon on his own. Red's Poli is quickly defeated, earning a scold and scoff from Green, as well as a shock for Red.

Major Events Edit

  • Red's first sighting of Mew
  • Red and Green's first encounter

Appearances Edit