The Sun & Moon Chapter is the fourteenth arc of the Pokémon Special manga. The arc is loosely based off of the Generation VII games. The chapter takes place in Alola, and its main protagnoists are Sun and Moon. The chapter was first released on the November 21st, 2016 in the December issue of CoroCoro Ichiban.

Overview Edit

The story is features protagonists Sun and Moon. Sun is set on earning 100 million yen, and does various jobs to earn money the money. Moon, on the other hand, has recently moved to the Alola region (presumably from Kanto), though she comments that its bright and cheerful atmosphere doesn't suit her personality.

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Pokémon Edit

  • En (Sun's Litten)
  • Dollar (Sun's Alolan Meowth)

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  • Volume ???

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For a list of rounds, see List of rounds in the Sun and Moon Chapter.

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