Sun (サン) is a main protagonist of the SM chapters of the Pokémon Special manga.

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Sun's appearance is heavily based off his game counterpart. The main difference being that he wears his cap to the side instead of to the front.


Though while little is known at this point, Sun seems to be quite obsessed with earning money, and does various jobs to achieve this. However, he is shown to have a serious side and appears capable when battling.

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Before Sun moved to Alola, he admired the Alolan Meowth his grandfather was able to see in the region. Sometime later, he moved to Alola and took up various jobs in order to make 100 million yen.

Sun & Moon ChapterEdit

Sun's Riding Wear SM01

Sun in his Ride Wear

During one of his jobs, Sun stumbles across Moon by throwing a Pyukumuku on her face. He explains he was in the middle of a job for Team Skull, but, because of their dishonest ways, he ends up in a battle with them and defeats them. As an apology to Moon, he offers to help her with her delivery to Professor Kukui's Laboratory, and uses the Poké Ride, Tauros Charge, to do so. With Moon in tow, he heads through Hau'oli City, where he is warmly greeted by its residents. Though previously stating that his leg had healed (after breaking the cast), the pain returns, and Moon concocts a medicine to relieve the pain. When suddenly attacked by Tapu Koko soon after, he has En and Dollar battle the Pokémon, and receives a Sparkling Stone once the battle ends. From there, he finally brings Moon to Professor Kukui, and, while able to get along just fine with the professor, infuriates Kukui when he reveals his negligent care of the Pokédex given to him. That night, after chasing after Rotom, he invites Moon to come watch the Iki Town festival.

On one of his various jobs the next day, Professor Kukui informs him that he has been registered for the Iki Town battle festival.

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Sun's Alolan Meowth
Dollar is the first Pokémon Sun shows off. Though Dollar appears to be capable during battle, the Meowth is completely and utterly lethargic outside battle. Dollar cannot stand En.
En SM01
En appears alongside Sun to help out Moon when she's attacked by Team Skull and later again against Tapu Koko. En cannot stand Dollar.

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SM01, SM02, SM03

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