Silph Company is a large corporation with its headquarters located in Saffron City.

Overview Edit

Silph Company serves as the largest building in Saffron City's skyline. It is also the site of Team Rocket's secret headquarters. The building is shown to have secret trap doors that cater to the specifics of the Team Rocket Triad's Pokémon's types.

In the building Red battles against Lt. Surge and Zapdos, Green against Koga and Articuno, and Blue against Sabrina. The three young trainers all manage to defeat the Gym Leaders, and eventually find themselves in a battle against Thu-Fi-Zer. During their fight, the Silph Company building is destroyed.

Major Events Edit

Appearances Edit

VS Moltres, VS Mr. Mime, VS Golbat, VS Zapdos, VS Articuno, VS Kadabra, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

Gallery Edit

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