Saffron City (ヤマブキシティ; Yamabuki City) is a city in central Kanto, and is the area's largest city.

Overview Edit

Silph Company Ch26 193
Celadon City is Kanto's largest city, and, as such, is home to an extensive amount of companies, including the headquarters of Silph Company. Trainers who challenge Sabrina in the Saffron Gym and win will receive the Marsh Badge.

Both Blue and Green attempt to enter the city by ground, only to be turned away by the guards. When they try to enter by air, too, they discover the city has a strange barrier around it, keeping people from leaving or entering. Once working together, though, Red and Green are able to release the city from the barrier after defeating the source of the barrier, Mr. Mime.

Major Events Edit

Residents Edit

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Appearances Edit

VS Moltres, VS Kadabra, VS Mr. Mime, VS Golbat, VS Zapdos, VS Articuno, VS Kadabra

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