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The Safari Zone (サファリゾーン; Safari Zone) is an attraction located in Fuchsia City where people can view rare Pokémon.

Overview Edit

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First seen in VS Nidoking, the Safari Zone is a jungle where rare and normally unseen Pokémon can be found. The tour consists of the guest riding through the area on a wooden boat. Two Pidgebots (Mecha Pidgey) act as a guide, and are programmed to protect guests of the Safari Zone at all costs. Trainers are forbidden to bring their own Pokémon or Poké Balls, and are thus expected to view only.

Red enters the Safari Zone, amazed by the variety and rarity of the Pokémon he sees. While on the tour, he runs into two Nidokings battling over a single Nidoqueen. Unbeknownst to the park employees, Red managed to sneak in a Poké Ball, and uses it to try to catch a Nidoking. He instead captures the Nidoqueen, causing both Nidokings to go in a rage, destroying the boat and leaving Red stranded. With one of the two Pidgebots guiding him, the two try to escape from a Nidoking that now sees Red as a rival. After nearly getting killed by it, Red is suddenly entrapped by a Victreebel, who throws him into its mouth. Luckily for Red, he's able to keep himself from being digested, but realizes he's to become nourishment for a Bellsprout and Weepinbell evolution ceremony. With the help of the Pidgebot and some items, though, he's able to escape just before the Nidokings find him again. As the Nidokings mistakenly weaken the Grass Pokémon, Red uses the opportunity to catch Victreebel, and then Nidoking. By the time Red is finally found, he's caught multiple Safari Zone Pokémon.

Major Events Edit

  • Red catches a Nidoqueen, infuriating two Nidoking.
  • Red catches multiple Safari Zone Pokémon, including Parasect, Exeggcute, Nidoking, Victreebel, Bellsprout, and Weepinbell.

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