Sabrina (ナツメ; Natsume) is an executive member of Team Rocket, part of the trio known as the Team Rocket Triad. She is also the Saffron City gym leader, and bestows those who defeat her with the Marsh Badge.

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Red, Green, & Blue ChapterEdit

After Red obtains Vee, Sabrina is seen floating in the sky on her Kadabra, watching Red leave Celadon City. She comments that, even though Vee was part of Team Rocket's schemes, she is fine with Red obtaining Eevee. Later, when her plan to take care of Blaine fails, she takes back Moltres from Al.

Sabrina finally appears before Red in Pallet Town, where she has her Kadabra masquerade as Professor Oak and attack the young boy. She reveals that Team Rocket has taken the real professor and all of the townspeople as hostages, and challenges Red to a showdown in Saffron City before disappearing.

On the third floor of Silph Company, Sabrina uses her Kadabra's psychic abilities to create a room of fear for Blue, and then immobilizes the girl. After introducing herself, Sabrina has Kadabra seemingly crush Blue's Blastoise's shell, but is taken by surprise when it's revealed to be Ditto. Once Blue uses Horsea's Smokescreen to darken the room so that Sabrina is unable to track Blue's movements. Sabrina, however, reveals she can see via her psychic abilities, and promptly captures Blue with Kadabra's Disable. Though captured, Blue manages to goad Sabrina into acting rashly, and Sabrina ends up inadvertently releasing Blue through her own actions.

Furious, Sabrina manages to locate both Blue and Red, and immediately begins attacking. After Blue esapes with the Pokemon Badge Energy Amplifier, Sabrina summons Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos to battle Red. This works more in her favor once Blue activates the machine, causing the three birds to fuse into Thu-Fi-Zer. Now with the fused bird's immense strength in her hands, Sabrina completely overwhelms Red. Sabrina begins to taunt Red by throwing his stolen Vee at him, stating that the Pokemon had been experimented on in order to create Thu-Fi-Zer, but has outlived its usefulness to them. Continuing on, she reveals that Team Rocket "let" Red continue collecting the badges in order to allow their machine to work. Though an infuriated Red attacks, Sabrina continues to toy with him and a newly-arrived Green until finally having Thu-Fi-Zer blow them out of the building. Thinking the battle has been won, Sabrina looks out the building, only to have Red, Green, and Blue counterattack with powerful enough attacks to cause the fused bird to defuse. Having lost, Sabrina goes missing.

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On Hand Edit

Sabrina'sKadabra Ch20 090
Kadabra is seen at the end of VS Vileplume floating in the sky with Sabrina on its back. Sabrina later uses it to act as a fake Professor Oak.

It knows the moves Teleport, Psybeam, Hypnosis, Psychic, and Disable.

Drowzee Ch19 069
Sabrina uses a Drowzee to attack Celadon Gym. It is never used afterwards.
Mr. Mime
Mr. Mime Ch28 017
Sabrina's Mr. Mime was used to create a Light Screen barrier around Saffron City, prohibiting anyone from entering or leaving.

Released Edit

Moltres Ch26 174
Moltres is captured around Indigo Plateau and is given to Sabrina. Sabrina is only seen using it in her battle against Red, where it is quickly fused with Articuno and Zapdos. After being defeated, though, Moltres flies back into the wild.

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VS Vileplume, VS Moltres, VS Kadabra, VS Zapdos, VS Kadabra, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

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