Ryou is a member of the Elite Trio of Team Rocket, a group subservient to the Team Rocket Triad.

Overview Edit



History Edit

Red, Green, & Blue ChapterEdit

On Cinnabar Island, Ryou and Team Rocket Grunts search the Pokémon Mansion for Blaine. Later on, with Moltres in his possession, Ryou manages to obtain the upper hand against both Blaine and Red. Red makes a comeback, however, after sneaking away to Blaine's secret laboratory and resurrecting an Aerodactyl, defeating Ryou and Moltres. Ryou later reports back to Sabrina to hand back Moltres.

Ryou later briefly appears in Silph Company bewildered that three children have manage to defeat Koga and Lt. Surge.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Al'sGengar Ch26 168
Ryou's Gengar is used while battling Blaine. When Team Rocket discovers Red spying on the battle, Ryou threatens to kill Red with Gengar if Blaine does't cooperate.

Gengar knows Night Shade.

Temporary Edit

Moltres Ch26 174
Ryou was temporarily loaned Moltres to take care of Blaine. Though Moltres overwhelmed the two, Red was able to revive an Aerodactyl and do enough damage to cause Team Rocket to retreat. Ryou returned Moltres back to Sabrina later on.

Appearances Edit

VS Moltres, VS Kadabra

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