Route 19 Ch24 135
Route 19 (19番水道; Water Route 19) is a route connected to Fuchsia City.

Overview Edit

Route 19, also known as Sea Route 19, debuts in the twenty-fourth chapter. While searching for HM03 (Surf) so he can traverse the seas, Red runs into a Dragonite, who is protecting the HM. After several unsuccessful attempts to distract the Pokémon, Red nearly drowns when a rock falls on his leg. However, just before he loses consciousness, he sights a mermaid, who quickly brings him to safety. It's soon revealed that the mermaid is actually Misty. Unfortunately for Red, though, the HM was destroyed in the battle with Dragonite.

Major Events Edit

  • Red reunites with Misty.

Pokémon Edit

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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