Professor Kukui (ククイ博士; Dr. Kukui) is the leading expert on Pokémon in the Alola region, who specializes in Pokémon moves.

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Sun & Moon ChapterEdit

After arriving to his laboratory, Moon is startled by the commotion coming from it. It turns out the professor was testing out Pokémon moves, and gets thrown out of his lab by the force. He greets Sun upon seeing him, though returns back to testing out Popplio's moves as soon as he is no longer part of the conversation. When finally introduced to Moon, he weeps with joy at receiving Rotom at last. At that point, he invites Sun and Moon into his laboratory, and explains his intention to have Rotom enter the new Pokédex. Upon finding that Sun has misused the Pokédex, though, he goes in a rage.

The next day, he tracks down Sun to inform him that he's entered the boy in the Iki Town battle festival.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Rowlet SM02
Professor Kukui's often tries out Rowlet's moves to test its strength.

It knows the move Leafage.

Popplio SM02
Professor Kukui's often tries out Popplio's moves to test its strength.

It knows the move Bubble.

Given Away Edit

En SM01
Prior to the events of the Sun & Moon Chapter, Professor Kukui gave his Litten to Sun.

Appearances Edit

SM02, SM03

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