The Pokémon Fan Club Chairman (ポケモン大好きクラブ会長; Pokémon Lovers Club President) is the head of the Pokémon Fan Club in Kanto.

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The Pokémon Fan Club Chairman makes his first appearance in VS Voltorb, where he runs into Red who has just been thrown off S.S. Anne for trespassing. Impressed - and overjoyed - by his Pokémon and how he's such a young trainer, the Chairman immediately decides to make Red an honorary member of his fan club. He soon reveals that his Abra was recently stolen, prompting Red to investigate. Upon Red's success, though, the Chairman faints in shock when he discovers his Abra has evolved into an Alakazam.

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Abra ---> Alakazam
Abra Ch10 145
Alakazam Ch11 163
The Chairman owns an Abra that was stolen a month prior to VS Voltorb. When it's later found, the chairman is shocked to find it has evolved into an Alakazam.

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  • Red - admires Red for starting his journey at such a young age.

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