Pewter Gym Ch5 67

Red running to the gym

Pewter Gym (ニビシティジム; Nibi City Gym) is the official gym of Pewter City.

Overview Edit

Pewter Gym first appears in VS Onix where Red shows up to take the gym leader challenge. After battling through various trainers, he finally wins against Brock and obtains the Boulder Badge. Though not shown, Green also obtains the badge.

Though the outside of the gym is the standard gym layout, the inside takes on the appearance of a typical boxing ring, referee included. Spectators crowd around the ring, and there's a special room with a window for Brock to watch ongoing fights.

Major Events Edit

  • Red defeats Brock and obtains the Boulder Badge.
  • Green defeats Brock and obtains the Boulder Badge. (Not shown)

Pokémon Edit

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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