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Red walking through a market place

Pewter City (ニビシティ; Nibi City) is a western city in Kanto.

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Pewter City is a located in the western portion of Kanto. Its official gym is Pewter Gym. Those who challenge and defeat Gym Leader Brock will be rewarded with the Boulder Badge.

Pewter City is first seen being "terrorized" by a wild Pikachu. Seeing how ineffective its citizens are at trying to capture the Pokémon, Red shows off his skills, and rids the city of the mischievous Pokémon. Red later revisits the city with Giovanni. The two find the Pewter Museum of Science set aflame by wild Magmar.

Major Events Edit

  • Red captures Pika.
  • Red defeats Brock and receives the Boulder Badge.
  • Red receives an Old Amber from Giovanni.

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