Mr. Fuji (フジ老人; Old Man Fuji) is an elderly man Red encounters while trying to take cover from the rain in Lavender Town.

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Mr. Fuji debuts in VS Psyduck, where he is visiting the grave of his recently deceased Doduo in the rain. After Red pays his respects, too, Mr. Fuji invites the Red inside away from the rain. At his house, Mr. Fuji tells Red about the Pokémon Tower and the recent appearance of ghosts there - it's because of the ghosts that he has yet to make a proper grave for his Pokémon. Once Red and Green are successful in driving out Team Rocket from the tower, Mr. Fuji and the Lavender Town townspeople are able to resume using the Pokémon Tower.

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Doduo Ch 13 181
Prior to the events in VS Psyduck, Mr. Fuji owned a Doduo that died from old age.

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