Moon (ムーン) is a main protagonist of the SM chapters of the Pokémon Special manga.

Overview Edit


Based off her game counterpart, Moon's clothing and hairstyle are near identical to the game's default female character.


While little is known at this point, Moon notes that her personality is opposite to the cheery and happy nature of the Alola region, and that she enjoys the nighttime most of all. She also appears sarcastic and to the point, often finding herself irritated by Sun.

History Edit


Prior to the start of the series, Moon attended a school for pharmacy, where she learned how to treat Pokémon. Because of her skills, she was chosen to personally take Rotom to Professor Kukui in the Alola region.

Sun & Moon ChapterEdit

Just having arrived in Alola, Moon grumbles to Rotom about the region's bright nature being unsuitable to her nature before having Pyukumuku slime accidentally thrown on her by Sun. Though initially demanding compensation, a run in with Team Skull has her ending up working with Sun. After dealing with the grunts, Sun offers to deliver her delivery to Professor Kukui. She agrees, and, being part of the delivery, accompanies Sun through Hau'oli City. When Sun's injured leg leaves him in pain, Moon finally introduces herself to him and explains that she's a pharmacist, who can make any medicine. She also reveals herself to be a skilled archer, and uses her skill to obtain a berry to make medicine for Sun. After applying the medicine and after a run in with Tapu Koko, she and Sun arrive at Professor Kukui's Laboratory, where she is first introduced to him. Moon is initially put off by the shirtless professor crashing from the roof to the yard, but introduces herself and delivers Rotom to him. When the professor and Sun go to chase after an escaped Rotom, Moon begins to bond with Kukui's Rowlet because of the two's love for the nighttime. Though she has no reason to stay in Alola any longer, Sun invites her to join the festival in Iki Town.

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SM01, SM02, SM03

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