Moltres is a Fire/Flying Pokémon.

Overview Edit

Red, Green, & Blue Chapter Edit

Having been caught by Team Rocket at Indigo Plateau sometime before its debut, Moltres gets used by Al in an attempt to capture Blaine for defecting from Team Rocket. Moltres proves to be too much for Red and Blaine, using its speed and powerful fire attacks to launch a relentless assault. However, just when things look dire, Red, having sneaked off, attacks with an Aerodactyl, severely wounding the Flame Pokémon. Defeated, Moltres is returned back to Sabrina.

Sabrina calls upon Moltres in her battle against Red at the Silph Company building. Using the power of the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier with Red's badges inserted, Moltres fuses together with Zapdos and Articuno to become Thu-Fi-Zer. Red, Blue, and Green manage to defeat the fused birds, causing them to defuse. Moltres then flies off back into the wild.

Used Moves Edit

  • Ember
  • Flamethrower
  • Hyper Beam
  • Fly

Appearances Edit

VS Moltres, VS Kadabra, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

Gallery Edit

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