Misty is the Cerulean Gym gym leader. She bestows those who defeat her with the Cascade Badge.

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Misty's appearance is based off of her appearance in the Generation I games. Like the games, she has orange/red hair pulled into a ponytail at the side. Unlike the games, though, she is not seen wearing a swimsuit, instead opting for blue jean shorts and a small top.


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Red, Green, & Blue ChapterEdit

Misty Ch8 110
Misty is first seen on Route 3, injured and battling a rampaging Gyarados. Though the battle seems like a likely defeat at first, Red shows up and aids her in defeating the Pokémon. After Red catches it, Misty reveals that the Gyarados is actually hers, but had gone on a wild rampage after being stolen by someone. She soon decides to join Red to investigate Mt. Moon and find out more information on Team Rocket. In Mt. Moon, the two encounter Team Rocket, and learn of the experiments conducted on her Gyarados. Though the two are nearly killed, they are able to escape with the Moon Stone, and head toward Cerulean City. After a failed attempt to make Red realize the gravity of their situation in Mt. Moon, she takes matters into her own hands by first attacking him in secrecy at night, and then surprise attacking him in Cerulean Gym before revealing that she is its Gym Leader. Once Red sees how passionate she is about getting stronger, the two train for several days before parting ways.

Misty reappears on Route 19, where she arrives just in time to save Red from drowning. Though originally dressed as a mermaid, Misty reveals herself to Red, and her and her Gyara defeat the Dragonite Red had been trying to distract. After the battle is over and the HM Red was after is broken, Misty decides to trade her Gyara for Red's Kura. She then teaches Red how to use Surf, but parts ways with Red on urgent business.

During the confrontation with Team Rocket at Silph Company, Misty secures the northern gate of Saffron City to ensure no Team Rocket members escape. She later informs Red that all stolen Pokémon had been recovered and returned to their rightful trainers.

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Misty's Staryu
Misty's Staryu Ch6 86
Misty's Staryu - known as Hito-chan (ヒトちゃん) in Japanese - is first seen defending Misty against her rampaging Gyarados. Though it nearly faints, Red's timely arrival allows it to use Recover and assist in a double team effort with Saur.
Misty's Starmie
Misty'sStarmie Ch8 120
Starmie first debuts in VS Starmie, where Misty uses it to convince Red to stop being lax. The Pokémon proves to be quite strong, and easily defeats Red and Saur.
Red's Kura Ch18 058
Originally Red's, Misty traded her Gyara for Red's Kura so that Red would have a Pokémon that knows Surf.

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Gyara Ch6 80
Gyara debuts in a rampage that causes to attack its own trainer. The Pokémon is eventually subdued and recaptured by Red, who hands it back over to its original trainer.

After meeting with Red again, Misty trades Gyara for Red's Krabby, Kura.

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VS Gyarados, VS Rhydon, VS Starmie, VS Eevee (cameo only), VS Dragonite, VS Articuno, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

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