Mewtwo is a Psychic Pokémon, and the creation of Team Rocket via the use of Mew's DNA.

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Red, Green, & Blue Chapter Edit

Mewtwo marks its first appearance in VS Tauros where its incomplete body is seen floating in a tank. Blaine as the scientist in charge, used cells from Mew in order to create an ultimate weapon for Team Rocket. However, because of insufficient cells, Blaine opted to use cells from his own arm in order to complete the Pokémon. Doing this resulted in the two sharing a bond that allows one another to know when the other is nearby.

Later it is revealed by Giovanni that the Mewtwo experiment ended in failure. In actuality, Mewtwo destroyed the lab he was in, escaping to an unknown location.

Now free, Mewtwo goes from town to town, leaving a wake of destruction wherever it goes. Soon rumors appear of the Cerulean Monster that lives in Cerulean Cave. When Red attempts to enter the cave, Mewtwo creates a psychic tornado in an effort to keep him out.

Used Moves Edit

  • Psywave

Appearances Edit

VS Tauros, VS Jynx (flashback), VS Mewtwo (Part 1)

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