Magician (マジシャン) is a minor supporting character introduced in the Black 2 & White 2 Chapter.

Overview Edit

The Magician is an acquaintance of Lack-Two, who helps make the various equipment that Lack-Two uses in his undercover missions. Lack-Two introduces Magician as his "personal manager", one who is independent of the International Police. He is also in charge of Lack-Two's and Futachimaru's health check ups.

History Edit

Black 2 & White 2 ChapterEdit

When first introduced, Magician checks Lack-Two's health, and begins work on special Poké Ball covers to give Lack-Two more power in his throws.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Magician's Corphish
Corphish is the Magician's only known Pokémon, first seen in the Magician's secret hideout. The Magician used it to deliver Poké Balls to Lack-Two.

Appearances Edit

VS Genesect I, VS Genesect II

Gallery Edit

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