Lt. Surge (マチス; Matis) is an executive member of Team Rocket, part of the trio known as the Team Rocket Triad.

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Lt. Surge debuts in the tenth chapter of the manga, briefly appearing aboard the S.S. Anne, where he chastises Red for boarding his ship uninvited. When confronted about the stolen Pokémon, he admits to having stolen them, but rationalizes it as freeing them from their weak trainers. He subsequently has his Electabuzz attack Red as a form of punishment for trespassing. After Red escapes, Lt. Surge watches via camera, once again attacks, and throws both Poli and Red into the ocean to die. When Poli evolves into a Poliwrath, however, the Water/Fighting Pokémon saves Red, takes down Electabuzz, and thwarts Lt. Surge's plans. Police show up to arrest the ship's crew, but Lt. Surge has mysteriously disappeared.

Lt. Surge again appears via Giovanni's monitors, confirming that he successfully caught Zapdos at the Power Plant. Once back at Silph Company, he watches Red and Green from above. After Red falls into a trap hole, Lt. Surge begins to attack relentlessly with a bazooka-like weapon he uses to fire Voltorb and Electrode. When Red attacks with Pika, Lt. Surge reveals he's wearing protective suit to keep him from being electrocuted, and is using the Zapdos he caught to power up his Electric Pokémon. As he continues to attack Red, Red suddenly uses Saur's Razor Leaf to cut up some of Lt. Surge's protective suit, as well as the machine connected to Zapdos. Not realizing this, Lt. Surge once again attacks, only to have Zapdos's power turn on him, leaving him completely unconscious.

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Electabuzz Ch11 151
Lt. Surge's Electabuzz is noted to be exceptionally aggressive and hard to control to the point that Lt. Surge keeps it in chains instead of in a ball. As such, Lt. Surge uses it as his main powerhouse.
Multiple Voltorbs
Voltorb Ch10 149
One of his Voltorb attacks Red aboard the S.S. Anne. Others are used to surround Red. Later on, Lt. Surge uses a bazooka like weapon to shoot his Voltorbs at Red.
Multiple Electrodes
Various Electric Pokemon 150
Lt. Surge owns a multitude of Electrodes, which he uses to surround Red and Poli. Later on, Lt. Surge uses a bazooka like weapon to shoot his Electrodes at Red.
Multiple Magnemites
Magnemite Ch11 155
Lt. Surge's Magnemites are seen surrounding Red, as well as scouting the area when Red manages to escape.
Multiple Magnetons
Magneton Ch11 156
Lt. Surge's various Magnetons can be used together to create an electric force field to capture opponents, as well as to lift up people.
Raichu Ch29 026
Raichu briefly appears with Lt. Surge in the Silph Company building, but doesn't participate in battle.

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