Lack-Two (ラクツ; English: Blake) is a main protagonist of the Black 2 & White 2 chapters of the Pokémon Special manga. He is a high-ranking member of the International Police with the codename Black 2 (黒の2号).

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Lack-Two appears to be quite a womanizer, often having girls swoon after him, and, in turn, often flirting with them. However, this side of him is merely part of his undercover mission: When on the job, he is serious and professional.

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Black 2 & White 2 ChapterEdit

Lack-Two officially debuts in a dramatic breakup scene with Yancy, where he breaks up with her in order to not interfere with her idol career. Afterwards, he and his classmate, Leo head to class, where he is berated by Hugh for being too flirty and not studious enough. The outburst causes Cheren to punish the three by having them sit outside of the classroom. Once Whi-Two arrives as the new student, Lack-Two is sure to make notes of every bit of information he can on her.

During the battle tournament, he and Whi-Two end up the champions of the boys and girls, and the two earn a Pokédex from Bianca. Later that night, it's revealed that he is searching for former members of Team Plasma among his female classmates as part of an undercover mission with the International Police. After saving Looker, Lack-Two reveals himself as his superior, codename Black 2. Fearing that the Pokémon he saved Looker from was trailing Looker, Lack-Two heads for the Aspertia City to meet with his secret "manager", Magician. While ordering specialty Poké Ball covers, a flying UFO begins attacking the city. Lack-Two and Looker investigate, and Lack-Two initiates battle.

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Lack-Two's Dewott
Futachimaru is the first Pokémon in Lack-Two's possession, debuting in VS Scolipede.
Keldeo B2W2 08
Keldeo joins Lack-Two's team in order to gain the same strength as his seniors. Under Lack-Two, he has the nickname "Keldemaru".

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VS Scolipede, VS Genesect I, VS Genesect II, VS Genesect III, VS Foongus, VS Vullaby, VS Frillish, B2W2 08

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  • Unlike other protagonists, who are named simply after the title game, Lack-Two is the warped Japanese reading of Black 2 (ブラックツー).
  • Like Blue, his Japanese name and English name are not shared; his English name being Blake.
  • Based on his naming of Keldeo as Keldemaru, it appears as if Lack-Two uses the suffix "maru" when naming his Pokémon. This may explain why his Dewott retains its Japanese name, Futachimaru.

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