Koga (キョウ; Kyou) is an executive member of Team Rocket, part of the trio known as the Team Rocket Triad.

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Koga's first appearance is in VS Rhydon, where he is seen leading a group of Team Rocket Grunts in an attempt to find a Moon Stone. Here he encounters Red and Misty, and engages with them in battle. After quickly losing to Pika, he uses a mysterious serum to force his Rhyhorn to evolve into Rhydon, while also revealing what happened to Misty's Gyarados. Though having the upper hand, Red and Misty manage to escape, and he fails to find the Moon Stone. Koga again reappears in Lavender Town, where it is revealed that he has been using his Gastly to make zombie Pokémon in an attempt to create a new secret base of operations for Team Rocket. Red frees the Pokémon and Green from Koga's control, and Green's quick wits lead to the defeat of Koga and his Arbok.

At Silph Company, when Sabrina's plot to take out Blaine fails, Koga appears with Articuno by his side, mocking her for her failure. Once Green and Red make it to Silph Company, Koga begins his assault on Green, rendering the boy unable to use his Poké Balls by having his Grimer smoother him. Koga reveals his plans to use Green as a hostage to get Professor Oak to cooperate with them. When Green refuses and attacks, Koga uses his Golbat to render Green unconscious. When Red appears to help Green, Koga has his Grimer immobilize Red. Finally prepared to attack, Koga and his Golbat go in for the final blow, but is stopped by an attack from Green's Pidgeot. Flustered that Green was only pretending to be unconscious, Koga releases Articuno, and, with his Soul Badge, has the Pokémon freeze the room along with Red and Green. With the battle presumably over, Koga lets his guard down, only to once again be attacked, this time by Green's Porygon. This time with Red's Pika, Green manages to render Koga unconscious.

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Rhyhorn --> Rhydon
Rhyhorn Ch7 98
Rhydon Ch7 101
Rhyhorn is the first Pokémon of Koga's, debuting in VS Rhydon. After losing to Red's Pika, Koga injects it with a mysterious serum that forces it to hyper evolve into Rhydon. After evolving, the Pokémon proved to be a massive powerhouse.

It knows Rock Throw and Horn Drill.

Gastly Ch14 193
Koga's Gastly is revealed to be the main cause of the zombie Pokémon in the Pokémon Tower. Using a mysterious purple gas, it manages to possess the Pokémon as well as Green. Saur inhales it and its gas, though, releasing its control on the area.
Koga's Arbok
Arbok Ch14 202
Arbok attacks both Red and Green mercilessly with its deadly poison. Green's use of the zombie Pokémon, however, confuses it and allows for Green's Charmeleon to slice the Cobra Pokémon in half.
Koga's Golbat
Koga & Golbat Ch 31
Koga's Golbat is first seen from behind in VS Arbok as a means to keep Koga afloat. Golbat is later seen in Silph Company, where Koga uses it on his arm as a blade. Koga often uses Golbat's Supersonic to show Koga distant events, much like a television.

It knows Supersonic and Razor Wind.

Koga's Grimer
Grimer Ch31 050
Grimer is first used by Koga as a form of armor to protect him from Green's attacks. Afterwards, Koga uses him extensively to smother Green, as well as demobilize Red.
Koga's Ekans
Ekans Ch31 054
Koga's Ekans can first be seen worn around Koga's arm, and was used to deflect Green's Scyther's attack.

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  • Green - apparent rival. After the events in VS Arbok, Koga vows revenge for ruining his mission.

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