Ken (ケン; Ken) is a member of the Elite Trio of Team Rocket, a group subservient to the Team Rocket Triad.

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Though not mentioned by name, Ken debuts in VS Tauros, where he is frantically searching for Blue, who had previously stolen a disc on it with information on Mew. Once Blue is sighted, he quickly sends grunts out to surround her, though they prove useless against her strategy. Using his Tauros, however, he manages to defeat her and reclaim the disc, even after Blue's Ditty uses its Transform to turn the tide of the battle. Unbeknownst to Ken, the disc turns out to be a fake. Though infuriated that he was once again tricked, he is again led astray by Blue, who uses her Ditty to transform into Mew to lead them on a wild goose chase. At some point, he realizes Ditty isn't really Mew, and arrives in time to thwart Red and Blue from capturing Mew. Ken and his Jynx come close to capturing Mew themselves, but are instead completely overwhelmed by Mew's psychic abilities.

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Tauros Ch16 30
Ken uses a Tauros in his attempts to retrieve a special disc from Blue. According to Ken, this Tauros is from the Safari Zone, and was head of the herd. The Pokémon uses its tails to control the other Team Rocket Pokémon, but ultimately falls off a cliff.
Jynx Ch 17 043
Ken's Jynx proves to be a powerful foe, defeating Red's Poli with ease, and rendering Blue and Red helpless with its psychic powers. However, it doesn't stand a chance against Mew.

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