Harry is a member of the Elite Trio of Team Rocket, a group subservient to the Team Rocket Triad.

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History Edit

Red, Green, & Blue ChapterEdit

Harry debuts in the twenty-fifth chapter on a mission to capture Articuno on the Seafoam Islands. He runs into Red, who also wishes to catch Articuno, and the two begin battle. Articuno notices Red is defending it, and aids Red by freezing Harry's Muk. Harry is then seen chasing after the fleeing Articuno.

Later, Harry appears along side Al in Silph Company, where the two are searching for Red, Green, and Blue.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Muk Ch25 155
Harry first uses Muk in an attempt to capture Articuno. When Red also appears to capture Articuno, Harry has Muk attack.

Relationships Edit

Appearances Edit

VS Articuno, VS Kadabra

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