Gyara (ギャラ; Gyara) is Red's Pokémon he traded Misty for Kura.

History Edit

Gyara debuts in VS Gyarados, where it is seen attacking its trainer, Misty. The Pokémon proves to be too much for Misty on her own, but it is eventually recaptured with the timely arrival of Red. After its recapture, Misty reveals that she had chased it all the way to Route 3 after it went on a rampage. She goes on to explain that it became ferocious after returning home from being stolen. In VS Rhydon, Koga reveals that Gyara underwent various experiments while kidnapped, giving reason to the Pokémon's sudden personality change.

Gyara later appears alongside Misty on Route 19, where the two save Red from drowning while in a battle with a Dragonite. Unlike how it previously rampaged, the Pokémon appears to have returned to its usual demeanor. Misty trades Gyara to Red once she sees that he's in need of a Pokémon who knows Surf.

Once Gyara runs into Team Rocket again on the Seafoam Islands, though, its memories of being experimented on come flooding back, leaving the Pokémon paralyzed in fear and completely at the mercy of Harry's Muk. Though hesitant at first, the rest of Red's team comes to Gyara's aid. When on Cinnabar Island, Gyara leads as Red's main force against Team Rocket and their Moltres. Though Gyara holds its own for the most part, it is unable to defeat the Flame Pokémon. Gyara then transports Red to Pallet Town.

Accompanying Red to investigate Cerulean Cave for the Cerulean Monster, Gyara ends up getting sucked up into a tornado along with Red. The second time they challenge the Cerulean Monster, which ends up being Mewtwo, Gyara again gets blown away, but it aids Red in capturing Mewtwo. 

Known Moves Edit

  • Hydro Pump
  • Hyper Beam
  • Surf

Appearances Edit

VS Gyarados, VS Rhydon, VS Dragonite, VS Articuno, VS Moltres, VS Kadabra, VS Mewtwo (Part 1), VS Mewtwo (Part 2)

Trivia Edit

  • Though originally Misty's Pokémon, Red was able to capture it contrary to what has been established in the games.

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