Charizard is a Pokémon Green acquired from his grandfather prior to the events of the the first chapter.

History Edit

Red, Green, & Blue Chapter Edit

Green's Charizard first debuts as a Charmander in the first chapter, whilst battling Mew. Charmander proved too weak for the Legendary Pokémon, causing Green to withdraw it before it could be defeated. Later, Charmander appears again alongside Green in Viridian Forest, where Green is attempting to capture a Kangaskhan. Despite the type difference, Charmander quickly burns Poli in an unintentional attack. Sometime before VS Onix, Charmander evolves into a Charmeleon, and is seen battling against trainers in Pewter Gym. Charmeleon isn't seen again until the thirteenth and fourteenth chapters, this time under control of Koga's Gastly. Once freed from its control, Charmander defeats Koga's Arbok.

Charmeleon Vol2 Backcover
Charmeleon next appears as one of Green's Pokémon that accidentally gets traded to Red. Charmeleon is not hesitant to show its dislike of Red, and tries to bite him. Green later notes that Charmeleon seems different (kinder) since trading with Red.

When the Pokémon is next seen in Saffron City, it is revealed to have evolved into a Charizard. Using its ability of flight, Green attempts to enter the shielded off city, but finds all attempts useless. Charizard then flies Green to Pallet Town. Once in Silph Company, Charizard heats the building from the outside to allow Green and Red to escape Articuno's Blizzard attack. Charizard then flies Green to the battlefield against Thu-Fi-Zer. Together with Blasty and Saur, Charizard unleashes a powerful Flamethrower attack that overwhelms the fused bird and causes it to defuse.

Known Moves Edit

  • Ember
  • Fire Spin
  • Reflect
  • Flamethrower
  • Fly

Appearances Edit

VS Mew, VS Kangaskhan, VS Onix, VS Psyduck, VS Arbok, VS Ninetales, VS Kadabra, VS Mr. Mime, VS Articuno, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

Trivia Edit

  • Much like the original artwork for Charmander, Green's Charmander is shown to have spines on its back. These spines were later removed in official artwork.

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