Giovanni (サカキ; Sakaki) is the boss of Team Rocket, as well as the Gym Leader of Viridian Gym.

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Giovanni is shown to have a particularly brutal personality. After Red refuses to take down two Magmar, Giovanni uses his Cloyster to turn them into ice and cut them in half, effectively killing them. He's also shown considering taking out Red, but ultimately decides Red is no threat to Team Rocket.

History Edit

RGB ChapterEdit

Giovanni debuts in the twenty-third chapter, where he is seen exiting Diglett's Cave with Red; both were searching for fossils. While in Pewter City, they notice the museum is aflame, prompting Red to act. While Red battles the two Magmar causing the flames, Giovanni considers Red's abilities to bring out the full potential of Pokémon, and wonders if it would be better to take out Red on the spot. He ultimately decides Red is no threat, and awards the boy with an Old Amber. After Red departs, Giovanni uses his Cloyster to freeze the two Magmar, who had begun attacking again, and has his Pokémon cut them in two.

At his headquarters, Silph Company, Giovanni announces Team Rocket's plans for Mewtwo are no longer active, and, instead, they will now use the three Legendary Bird Pokémon as their ultimate weapons. Once the Silph Company building is destroyed, Giovanni makes a brief appearance to glance at Red before again disappearing.

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On Hand Edit

Cloyster Ch23 133
Giovanni uses his Cloyster to freeze two Magmar, and then cut the two in half.

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VS Magmar, VS Moltres, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

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