Futachimaru is the first known Pokémon to be in Lack-Two's possession.

Overview Edit

Personality Edit

Futachimaru has been shown to be extremely loyal to his partner, Lack-Two. Similar to a samurai, Futachimaru has a stoic and quiet demeanor, often sitting in seiza when not in battle. Futachimaru is also in the habit of polishing its two scalchops after every battle.

History Edit

Black 2 & White 2 Chapter Edit

Futachimaru debuts alongside Lack-Two as his trainer breaks up with Yancy. Later that day, Futachimaru helps Lack-Two win the boys tournament in his class, beating out Hugh's Trapinch. This allows Lack-Two to earn a Pokédex. That night, Futachimaru again skillfully uses Razor Shell to save Looker from a Scolipede. After the battle, Futachimaru begins polishing his scalchops, a practice Lack-Two mentions he does after every battle. Later Futachimaru is used in battle against Genesect.

Known Moves Edit

  • Razor Shell

Appearances Edit

VS Scolipede, VS Genesect I

Trivia Edit

  • Futachimaru has yet to be shown in its starter form.

Gallery Edit

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