Erika (エリカ; Erika) is the Celadon City gym leader. She bestows those who defeat her with the Rainbow Badge.

Overview Edit


Unlike her game counterpart, Erika does not appear in a kimono upon her introduction.


History Edit

RGB ChapterEdit

Erika, the sole daughter of an extremely wealthy family in Celadon City, is first seen riding in a palanquin with a procession of people. After her Tangela causes Red to crash, she meets the young trainer, who challenges her to a gym battle. Instead of outright accepting, Erika asks for him to find an Eevee in order to prove his worth as a trainer. While Red is off searching, Erika and her gym are attacked by a Drowzee, an occurrence that has been happening frequently. Once Red returns to Celadon Gym in a rage, Erika reveals the experiments Eevee underwent, suggesting she took part in them herself. She then agrees to battle Red, and their 3 vs 3 battle ends quickly with Red's defeat. With no one to stop her, Erika announces that she will put Eevee out of its misery once and for all. She nearly succeeds, but Pika's use of Substitute distracts her long enough for the real Pika to get in the way of her and Eevee. Seeing the kindness and passion of Red and his Pokémon, Erika apologizes and reveals that everything had been a test. Now certain of Red's strength as a trainer, Erika explains her position as leader of the front against Team Rocket. Red agrees to cooperate with her, and she bestows him with the Rainbow Badge and Eevee.

During the battle against Team Rocket at Silph Company, Erika helps secure the western gate of Saffron City to prevent any Team Rocket members from escaping the city, while she confirms that the Elite Members of Celadon City have sealed off the eastern gate. After the battle ends, she verifies that Team Rocket's boss, Sabrina, Lt. Surge, and Koga have all disappeared.

Pokémon Edit

On Hand Edit

Angela Ch19 063
Erika's Tangela, nicknamed Angela (モンちゃん; Mon-chan) is first seen in VS Eevee, where it jumps in front of Red's bicycle, causing him to crash. Later, Angela easily takes down Red's Saur.

It knows Vine Whip.

Erika'sVileplume Ch19 068
Vileplume is another of Erika's Pokémon to appear in VS Eevee. The Pokémon is shown to be quite strong, and uses its powerful attacks to take down a Drowzee and later Red's Pika.

It knows Petal Dance and Swords Dance.

Erika'sBellsprout Ch20 080
Erika's third Pokémon to be shown. Bellsprout is small in stature, but proves to be quite powerful, taking down Poli when it looked to already be defeated.

It knows Mimic.

Relationships Edit

Appearances Edit

VS Eevee, VS Vileplume, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

Gallery Edit

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