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Ditty (メタちゃん; Meta-chan) is a Pokémon owned by Blue.

History Edit

RGB Chapter Edit

Debuting in the sixteenth chapter, Blue release Ditty much to the amusement of Team Rocket. However, when Ditty and Team Rocket's Tauros fall off a cliff, Ditty uses the confusion to transform into Tauros, and uses its power of control to turn Team Rocket's own Pokémon against them. Blue next makes use of Ditto's abilities to have it transform into a fake Mew in order to distract Team Rocket while she searches for the real Mew. Eventually the Pokémon is found out by Team Rocket, however.

While battling Sabrina, Blue uses Ditty's Transform ability to have it pretend to be Blasty. This allows for Blue to make a sneak attack on the Team Rocket Executive.

Known Moves Edit

  • Transform

Appearances Edit

Gallery Edit

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