Cinnabar Island Ch26 165
Cinnabar Island (グレン島; Guren Island) is an island found in southern Kanto, south of Pallet Town.

Overview Edit

Pokémon Mansion Ch26 165

The Pokémon Mansion

Cinnabar Island is located in the southern part of Kanto, and is the site of an active volcano. The island is home to Gym Leader Blaine, and is where trainers can challenge him to a battle for the Volcano Badge. The island is home to the Pokémon Mansion, which, though never specifically stated, is suggested to be Blaine's place of residence. Blaine also makes use of the inside of the volcano as his secret laboratory.

When Cinnabar Island is first seen, Al and other Team Rocket Grunts are seen in the Pokémon Mansion, searching for the traitor Blaine. Later on, Red gets entangled in a battle between Al and Blaine, a battle which leads to Team Rocket releasing Moltres on the duo. After sneaking away to Blaine's secret lab, though, Red revives an Aerodactyl with his Old Amber, and subsequently defeats Team Rocket and Moltres.

Major Events Edit

Residents Edit

Major Landmarks Edit

  • Pokémon Mansion
  • Blaine's Secret Lab

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