CeladonGym Ch19 076

The outside of Celadon Gym

Celadon Gym (タマムシジム; Tamamushi Gym) is the official gym of Celadon City. Those who defeat Gym Leader Erika will receive the Rainbow Badge.

Overview Edit

CeladonGymArchery Ch19
Celadon Gym is first seen in VS Eevee. Unlike other gyms, Celadon Gym is shown to be more than just a place for Pokémon battles: An archery range is also included on the premises. The gym is also equipped with a healing machine for Pokémon.

After Red discovers the Eevee Erika asked him to find has a strange chip attached to its ear, he rushes to the gym for more answers. While there, he and Erika engage in battle, with Erika easily having the upper hand. Despite Erika's pretenses of being evil, though, she ends up revealing that she was testing Red, and apologizes by giving him the Rainbow Badge.

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