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Celadon City (タマムシシティ; Tamamushi City) is a city in Kanto.

Overview Edit

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Celadon City is Kanto's second largest city, and is located in a central location. It is the site of Celadon Gym, where trainers who battle and successfully defeat Gym Leader Erika will receive the Rainbow Badge. The city is also home to Rocket Game, a slot gaming center that also serves as a secret base of operations for Team Rocket. There are also various other buildings, including Celadon Hotel, where Red briefly stays.
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Red spends an extended time in Celadon City, first running into Blue, who dupes him into buying faulty items, and then infiltrating Team Rocket in an attempt to find more information on Blue. He also helps Blue try to catch Mew, and mistakenly trades his Pokémon with Green's in the outskirts of the city. Later, he captures an Eevee upon Erika's request.

Major Events Edit

  • Saur evolves into an Ivysaur.
  • Red encounters Blue for the first time.
  • Green trades in coins at the Game Corner for a Porygon.
  • Red captures an Eevee.
  • Red receives the Rainbow Badge from Erika.

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