Brock (タケシ; Takeshi) is the Pewter Gym gym leader. He bestows those who defeat him with the Boulder Badge.

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Brock first appears in the fifth chapter, where he is seen watching over the battles in his gym, searching for an opponent he deems worthy enough to battle him. After Red manages to make it to the final round, the two duke it out in a 1-on-1 battle between Onix and Pika. The battle seems in Brock's favor at first, though Pika ultimately defeats the Rock Pokémon despite the type resistance.

Brock later appears to help Misty and Erika guard Saffron City during Red, Green, and Blue's break in of Team Rocket's headquarters, Silph Company. He uses his Onix to guard Saffron City's southern gate. After the three succeed, Brock informs Red that he and Misty have collected all Pokémon used by Team Rocket.

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Brock's Onix Ch 4 73
Onix is Brock's main Pokémon, and the powerhouse of his team. Brock used Onix in battle against Red's Pika, though ultimately lost despite the type advantage. Onix was later again used to guard the South Gate of Saffron City.

Onix has used the moves Rock Throw, Skull Bash, Tackle, and Bind.

BrockandPokemon Ch5 71
Brock's Graveler is first seen with Brock watching over the battles in his gym.
BrockandPokemon Ch5 71
Geodude watches over the battles in Pewter Gym with Brock.

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VS Pikachu (cameo only), VS Onix, VS Eevee (cameo only), VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

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