Blaine (カツラ; Katsura) is the Gym Leader of Cinnabar Island and is a former scientist working for Team Rocket. He bestows those who defeat him with the Volcano Badge.

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Blaine makes a brief appearance in the sixteenth chapter as the scientist talking to Ken about the need for more of Mew's DNA in order to complete their experimental Mewtwo. Blaine makes his official debut in VS Moltres, where he is being hunted for having defected from Team Rocket. While battling Team Rocket on Cinnabar Island, Blaine encounters Red, and the two join forces. With Moltres as their foe, Blaine later sends Red off to his secret laboratory in order to revive an Old Amber into an Aerodactyl. After holding off Moltres enough for Red to return and defeat it, Blaine explains that he must leave to stop Mewtwo, and departs.

Troubled by dreams of his latest experiment, Blaine reappears near Cerulean City in pursuit of Mewtwo. His travels bring him close to Cerulean Cave. Here, he runs again into Red who was searching for the Cerulean Monster. Blaine saves Red from being sucked into a mysterious tornado, and then explains that the tornado is being created by a Psychic Pokémon, Mewtwo. When Mewtwo disappears from their sight, Blaine reveals that his arm, which is beginning to grow unstable, is able to detect when Mewtwo is nearby. This is due to some of Mewtwo's cells entering into his own arm when he used his own cells to complete Mewtwo. Thinking that subduing Mewtwo is his mission, Blaine encases Red in a fire barrier and heads into the tornado's center to confront the Pokémon. Though Blaine fails, Red manages to capture Mewtwo with Blaine's Master Ball. Revealing how Red inspired him, Blaine vows to teach Mewtwo that not all humans are bad.

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Rapidash Ch26 172
Rapidash debuts while in battle with Team Rocket. Blaine later sends it with Red to Blaine's secret laboratory.

It knows the move Fire Spin.

RapidashArcanine Ch26 167
Blaine's Arcanine is briefly seen battling against Al's Gengar in VS Moltres.
Mewtwo Ch34
Mewtwo was created by Blaine in one of Team Rocket's experiments. After turning on its creators and escaping, Mewtwo fled to Cerulean Cave. Blaine, with the help of Red, captured it with a Master Ball, adding it to his team.

It knows the move Psywave.

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VS Tauros, VS Moltres, VS Mewtwo (Part 1), VS Mewtwo (Part 2)

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