Bill (マサキ; Masaki) is a developer of the Pokémon Storage System, and a self-proclaimed Pokémon Critic (ポケモン評論家). He lives in a sea cottage on Route 25, overlooking the Cerulean Cape.

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Bill is most noted for the thick Osaka accent he speaks with in the Japanese version of the manga. To render this to English speakers, he is most often translated as having a heavy Southern accent. Over time, however, most English versions have dropped the Southern accent altogether.

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Red, Green, & Blue ChapterEdit

RattataBill Ch9 124
Bill's first appearance in the ninth chapter shows him tending to his Pokémon transfer machines. While fixing the machine, he inadvertently locks himself inside, causing the machine to automatically start and merge him with his Rattata in the adjoining machine. Sometime later, he encounters Red, who is understandably bewildered by Bill's appearance. Before Bill is able to explain his situation in detail, though, he is captured by a Fearow. Through much hassle and berating from Bill, Red saves Bill from the Fearow and helps return Bill to his natural form. In gratitude, Bill lets Red use the Pokémon Transfer Machine.

When Red is unable to connect Professor Oak for information on Eevee, Bill unexpectedly contacts him via PC, and then flies to Celadon City to assist Red in his search. Using a special device that lets him detect the energy of Pokémon, Bill leads Red in the right direction, and the two find and capture the mysterious Eevee. When the two arrive at Celadon Gym, Bill finds a document that reveals the experiments conducted on Eevee. He doesn't participate in the fight for Eevee, though he is later seen warning Red that Red will become a target now that he's in possession of Team Rocket's experiment.

Bill briefly appears again via computer screen to inform Red of the Cerulean Monster that has been ravishing the land. He warns Red against getting carried away and about not trying to capture the "monster".

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Rattata Ch9 123
A Rattata was seen in the machine that caused it to fuse with Bill. After Bill was restored, the Rattata wasn't seen again

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VS Fearow, VS Eevee, VS Vileplume, VS Mewtwo (Part 1)

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