Articuno is an Ice/Flying Pokémon.

Overview Edit

Red, Green, & Blue Chapter Edit

Articuno makes its debut on VS Articuno, where it is see roasting on its home, the Seafoam Islands. When Red arrives, he finds Team Rocket is also after the Legendary bird, who has frozen itself in order to escape battle. Seeing Red try to defend it from Harry's Muk, Articuno breaks free from its self-imprisonment, and begins to aid Red in battle, freezing Muk before it can smoother Red. Articuno then escapes, with Team Rocket chasing after it.

Once in Team Rocket's possession, Koga uses Articuno in his battle against Green and Red at Silph Company. Under Koga's control and with the Soul Badge powering it up, Articuno unleashes a power Blizzard attack to freeze the entire room. After unleashing an Ice Beam as well, Articuno freezes both Red and Green, presumably ending the battle. Green's Charizard, however, heats the room from outside, and a combined attack from Green's Porygon and Pika leaves Koga immobilized and Articuno no longer attacks without commands from its trainer.

Sabrina then calls upon Articuno in her battle against Red. Using the power of the Pokémon Badge Energy Amplifier with Red's badges inserted, Articuno fuses together with Zapdos and Moltres to become Thu-Fi-Zer. Red, Blue, and Green manage to defeat the fused birds, causing them to defuse. Now free, Articuno takes one last look at Red before flying off back into the wild.

Used Moves Edit

  • Blizzard
  • Ice Beam

Appearances Edit

VS Articuno, VS Moltres, VS Articuno, VS Legendary Bird Pokémon

Gallery Edit

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